Rent your cards with ease

SplinterSuite is a Splinterlands bot that automatically and intelligently lists your cards for rental

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Windows, Mac and Linux supported

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Simple. Secure. Effective.

Streamline your rentals

  • Simple

    List your cards for rental with the click of a button and let our algorithm do the rest.

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  • Secure

    With our desktop app, You can choose between using authority delegation or your posting key, all while know we are using industry standard encryption to secure your credentials.

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  • Effective

    Our algorithm uses the combined experience of whales and active renters to maximize your earnings from every card.

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Ready to start earning?

List your cards for rental with a single click.

Download Now

Windows, Mac and Linux supported

How it Works

  1. 1. Login

    Login with your Posting Key. We recommend using a secondary account dedicated to rentals.

  2. 2. Start your bot

    Download the app, launch it, and press start. It’s really that easy.

  3. 3. Fine tune your rentals

    Properly manage your RC usage by controlling the cards you’d like to rent.

  4. 4. Track your earnings

    View insights about your bot’s performance in the dashboard.

  5. 5. Pay your invoice

    We charge 2.5% of the rental earnings generated by your bot at the end of every season.

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Image of DEC earnings dashboard inside native app